NetEnt vs Playtech - Who Takes the Slots Crown?

espite the supremacy of NetEnt with slot games, Playtech is also proving to be a worthy contender with a series of innovative slots available at .

Who Holds a Good Reputation?

NetEnt holds a good online reputation when it comes to customer experience in comparison to Playtech such as at . Playtech has been affiliated with some scam casinos.

History of NetEnt

NetEnt holds the longest years of experience in the industry while launching its first casino software in 1996. It remains the top slot for innovative products.

Playtech History

Playtech first entered the scene in 1999 when there were a number of software developers making their name. The firm received its first operating license back in 2001.

  • Playtech attained license after two years of offering software
  • NetEnt has over 20 years of experience

What About Partners?

As part of its expansion plans, NetEnt boast of a wide series of partners such as the acquisition of Red Tiger Gaming as part of their mission.

As for Playtech, the firm first made its partnership with the industry's largest gaming partner referred to as the Euros Partners Affiliate Program back in 2011.

NetEnt Slots

NetEnt offers a wide selection of slot games that come with a unique set of features and designs. The slots feature unique graphics, sounds and themes.

Playtech Slots

In comparison to NetEnt, Playtech has a less selection of available slot games to customers. Most of their slot games are majorly divided into 3 and five reels.

  • Playtech offers bingo and lotteries
  • NetEnt hosts traditional slot games

Battle of the Slots

When it comes to supremacy of slots, NetEnt takes home the crown in comparison to Playtech. The slots by NetEnt are intuitive and available through the HTML5 platform.


Who Has More Experience?

NetEnt boasts of a many years of experience in the industry having launched its software back in 1996 when Playtech was still in its development phase.

What About Presentation?

At playtech, the games selection features a series of available gaming solutions ranging from lotteries, bingo, online scratch cards, software for poker, arcade games and table games.

NetEnt offers a wide selection of presentation of highly unique slot games that feature the highly unique and modern virtual gaming experience for fitting customer expectations and preferences.

What Convenience with Gaming Solutions?

At Playtech, the major approach used centers around the continual development of intuitive gaming products and content to customers with success build around lasting partnerships in the industry.

With NetEnt, the gaming solutions center around the tastes and preferences of customers. The firm brings virtual gaming experience that offers a unique set of designs and features.

  • Playtech is listed under the London Stock Exchange
  • NetEnt recnetly acquired Red Tiger Gaming

Furthermore, at NetEnt, the gaming solutions have been offered through its years of operations that spans 20 years. This doubles with cutting edge technology for the slot games.

What About Their Platforms?

At Playtech, they use a cross-platform management system with the capability of the platform running through a unified information system to ensure players receive prompt gaming solutions.

In addition, Playtech offers a wide range of loyalty programs that offer player loyalty to the customers. This is in addition to a wide set of management tools.

With NetEnt, it offers an intuitive platform that offers numerous bonus features to players. As a player, the platform adds free slot features for players to build their bankroll.